A New Light
The owners of this 2,288 sq ft Repulse Bay Apartment enlisted our interior design service to help them create a modern incarnation of their old flat. We worked out what the clients needed and played around with the space – the conventional three-bedroom layout has given way to a series of flowing spaces featuring architectural curves and copious amounts of cleverly hidden storage. The reconfiguration has produced an extra bathroom. Huge walk-in closets and a multipurpose room.
Repulse Bay Garden 9
Repulse Bay Garden 4
Repulse Bay Garden 2
Repulse Bay Garden 7
Colours from the artworks and furniture give a vibrant feeling and also reflects the character of the home owner, for instance the paintings of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans add a fun element to the kitchen.
Repulse Bay Garden 8
Repulse Bay Garden 5
Repulse Bay Garden 3
Repulse Bay Garden 10

Open Study Design

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Repulse Bay Garden 6

The balcony of the apartment features outdoor  lanterns suspended from the ceiling by wire, creating a unique character for the space.