Royal Garden 5
In this 1,800 square feet apartment in Deep Water Bay, our task is to fulfil the owners’ “form follows function” brief. We changed the original floor plan completely, turning the study into a dining, the dining room into an open kitchen and the kitchen into a playroom. By changing rooms around, we have tied different spaces together and created a spacious entertaining area in which one can move freely and enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful sea.
Royal Garden 6
Royal Garden 3
The entertaining area – featuring an open kitchen, a lounge and a dining room is where the owner hosts her parties, and is her favourite spot in the apartment - “Clifton has made this area interactive, guests can mingle with each other, they move from one room to another with no barrier in between, while I prepare the food and play the role of hospitable hostess without being out of their sight,” says the owner.

Apartment in Repulse Bay

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Royal Garden 1

Open Kitchen Design

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Royal Garden 4

The custom made aluminium and walnut veneer oval countertop, with a pull-out table, is excellent for buffet parties and also provides a vast amount of storage space. The casual atmosphere is enhanced by Romeo Soft ceiling lights by Philippe Starck from Flos.