A Dramatic Transformation
This 1960s property was transformed into a modern and inviting home. The grand and spacious family oasis nestled in midst of the bustling city, is meticulously designed to offer unique spaces for both personal indulgence and family bonding.
Babington House 1
Babington House 9
Babington House 10
Babington House 7
We lined the kitchen with custom made cupboards, which were designed to be narrower than the norm so the kitchen did not feel cramped but nevertheless provided ample work surface,
Babington House 8

When Opposites Attract

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Babington House 6
Babington House 5
Babington House 3

Art Gallery Home

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Babington House 4

A corridor door is designed for the home so that the couple can entertain in the living room while the kids can enjoy privacy in their bedrooms.