Senior Citizen Home Safety Association Centre

The design concept of the centre – “Seeing the Beauty in the Old” symbolizes an enchanting journey, reminiscent of the nostalgic beauty of the old Hong Kong.  With a penchant to uncover the intriguing facets of the city, the design weaves an intriguing trail through wet markets, outdoor food stalls (Dai Pai Dong), small shops, dim-sum restaurants etc., where people can experience and discover the quaint charm and fond vestige of the colonial times.


Japan’s Good Design Award 2018

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association Centre Ho Man Tin 12

Hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the Good Design Award aims to choose and highlight outstanding designs from around the world.

The awarded project SCHSA Oi Man Centre, which was launched in 2013, aims to redefine the role and image of NGO offering elderly services in Hong Kong. The revolutionary design symbolizes the determination of Senior Citizen Home Safety Association to take a vibrant and active step in promoting active ageing, and to recognize the value of the elderly in the community.

From the unconventional reception design, inspiring office ambience, multi-function meeting venues for training and seminars, the “Seeing the Beauty in the Old” concept strives to create a space where an aged-friendly community could be achieved.

“Immense efforts and research have been poured into this socially-conscious project which focus on the elderly citizens. A great deal of work have been done in merging old relics into new programmes, in a more user-friendly settings keeping a good balance to address the diversity of the anticipated end-users and the strive to create something “new out of the old”,” evaluations from the judges of Good Design Award.

“The edgy yet vintage-themed our headquarters really showcases the beauty in the old, which is a core belief of SCHSA. The design let our headquarter blend harmoniously with the neighborhood of Oi Man Estate, one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong. We could not thank Clifton Design Workshop enough for the brilliant design, enabling SCHSA to be an ideal hub for a wide spectrum of services and activities for the senior citizens in the community.”

- Maura Wong, Chief Executive Officer of SCHSA