Royalton 1
Royalton 3
Acres of glass and a minimal color palette allow sunlight and green to flood this modernistic Mid-levels West kitchen. Sliding glass connects the different worlds, both the indoor and outdoor spaces and the kitchen and dining room via a frameless glass partition between the countertop and ceiling hung cupborads.

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Miele 2
Miele 1
Miele 4
Miele 3

State-of-the-art ovens and stoves from Miele look good and are user-friendly enough to suit the needs of amateur cooks.

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Royalton 2

Kid’s Wonderland

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It was a totally low-maintenance experience for us and we did not have to micro-manage Clifton or his staff to get the job done. We have been in our apartment for over a year now and are extremely happy with the result.”
Philip and Renee
Royalton 4

The home features oriental furniture from Joineur, GLISS dining chairs from Pedrail, ceiling fans from Hunter Fans and sofa from TREE and Robert Abbey table lamp from Altfield.