Open Spaces and Earthy Tones

From the selection of building materials and colors, to the stylish furniture and displays, this petit apartment boasts a tasteful and warm design with meticulous detail. Core color schemes in different hues of brown exude masculine undertones.
Healthy Garden 1
Healthy Garden 2
Colorful artworks, collected by the owner from the world, against white backgrounds work well to break the monotony of the brown hues.

Gallery Home

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Healthy Garden 6
Healthy Garden 4

Studio Flat

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From our first meeting, I knew I was in good hands. The proposed design concept was already oozing of style and full of personality - answering my very concise brief; a bachelor pad. During the process, all I had to do was simply review their proposed items and just say a very happy and excited YES!”
Healthy Garden
Healthy Garden 3

One of the highlights of the space is the way that the two functional spaces are divided. Different functional areas are stylishly partitioned by a sliding door on a raised platform with embedded light beneath.