Modern Interpretation of Siheyuan
Nestled amidst a green golf course in Guangzhou, Southern China, the Lake Dragon is a 15,000-square-foot house. This spectacular house is minimal in the extreme but nevertheless has a soothing, almost Zen-like feel. Standout features include an outdoor pool, whose depths can be viewed from the basement, double-height glass “walls”, a water garden and huge walk-in wardrobe. By making use of a sound water system, the project provides a snug and pleasant living environment throughout the seasons.
The Lake Dragon 1
The Lake Dragon 4
The Lake Dragon 2
The Lake Dragon 8
The central courtyard readily reminds of a popular architectural feature in traditional Chinese compound houses, otherwise known as ‘siheyuan’.
The Lake Dragon 5

Living Large

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The Lake Dragon 7
The Lake Dragon 9
The Lake Dragon 3

Calm and Serene

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The Lake Dragon 6

Using a vision panel of aquarium quality, the pool can be seen from the basement.