Clifton Leung shares with South China Morning Post designs on teens’ bedroom and kitchen trends

Anyone with children knows how quickly they grow – and how they taste, wants and needs seem to shift day to day. Clifton Leung shares with SCMP design tips on planning kids and teens room – Designing for children and teens is all about loose furniture that you can move on from every three to four years if need be. After that you can paint the walls, change the accent colours, and it helps you with them. Buying or customizing a good wardrobe, with plenty of flexibility built in, is step one.

Clifton also shares SCMP his thoughts on designing kitchen – the first thing to consider is whether you usually cook in a more western style, with a lot of roasting and baking, or a more Asian style with a lot of frying, or a combination of the two. Those are critical initial choices that will affect how the space is used, from the kind of hob you need to the type of cooking utensils, and what accessories to choose. For example, Asian cooking is best suited to an enclosed area that can contain grease, while Western cooking requires more space, ideally with an island set-up.

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